Coach to the Brogrammers

David C. Shepherd

Associate Professor, Computer Science, College of Engineering, Louisiana State University.

Who dat?

I'm David C. Shepherd, the world's first brogrammer* coach and Associate Professor here at LSU. My professional goal is to make computer science less boring, both by making lectures less of a film session and more of an active scrimmage, and by pursing research that impacts the real world.* Brogrammer is a state of mind, not a gender!

SportsCenter, Top Ten

All of us academics have a trophy case, here's mine. Instead of boring you with my CV, I encourage you to watch my highlight reel. It's a collection of some of my most dynamic plays over the years...


Without great athletes, a brogrammer coach is nothing. These are the current students I'm working with, both at LSU and around the world. Globalization baby!